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Oncolytic virotherapy is an effective cancer treatment using a special virus, which is capable of finding and destroying cells of a malignant tumour in human body. Medicinal product is intramuscularly injected in a body. Virotherapy usually takes place on out-patients' basis pursuant to tailor-made treatment protocol and in accordance with the application guidelines. Average treatment period is 3 years during which a regular monitoring of analyses and patient observation takes place.

Cancer virotherapy is a treatment method that is gentle to a body and has minimum side effects. Most common side effect is slightly increased body temperature (up to 37.50C) lasting one to three days.

Treatment process

  • Patient contacts IVC Information Centre or a doctor specialising in virotherapy.

  • Patient makes the necessary analyses and sends the results to the doctor.

  • After reading patient's medical history and analyses, the doctor provides a recommendation regarding a possibility to use virotherapy.

  • If the virotherapy is possible, an individual treatment schedule is elaborated, matching the patient's immunity condition, type of cancer, localisation and tumour stage.

  • The virotherapy course of treatment is commenced – a patient receives first medication injections.

  • Frequency of medication injections usually decreases during the course of treatment.

  • Regular monitoring of analyses and patient observation take place.

  • Treatment schedule can be corrected depending on the results of analyses.

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