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About Virotherapy

Oncolytic virotherapy is an effective cancer treatment using a special virus, which is capable of finding and destroying cells of a malignant tumour in human body.

After being administered to a human body the virus finds and infects malignant tumour cells. That process is called oncotropism. The virus replicates in cells of a malignant tumour thus destroying them. That process is called oncolysis. Viruses not only destroy cancer cells but also mobilise natural defence of immunity, including against tumour cells.

How virotherapy works

The target of virotherapy, similarly to that of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, is cancer cells, but virotherapy differs in several essential advantages:

  • Virotherapy destroys tumour cells selectively without affecting the healthy cells of a body.

  • Virotherapy stimulates natural defence system of the body by activating immunity, which other treatment methods usually suppress.

  • Virotherapy can be applied in case of tumours that are not sensitive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, for instance, melanoma.

  • Virotherapy can be used in various treatment phases: before or after the surgery or in between radiotherapy or chemotherapy sessions.

Virotherapy is recognised as safe and efficient cancer treatment method.

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