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Sputnik Latvija

В Латвии создан первый в мире вирус, введенный в клиническую практику для борьбы с онкологией.

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PBK News: Opening of the Worlds First Virotherapy Excellency Center

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Cancer Virotherapy Journal

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Foundation of Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Virotherapy pioneer

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Tehran Times

Oncolytic virotherapy lends benefits to melanoma patients

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Emirates Today

Latvia presents virotherapy – cancer treatment method, which use viruses

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Integrated Health Magazine

Breakthrough Treatment at the Frontier of Cancer Medicine

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Al Jazeera

Latvia's pioneering experiment in cancer treatment

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Al-Quds Al-Arabi

Latvia announces drug for the treatment of cancer, which depends on the intelligent cancer cells killing virus

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Cancer Immunotherapy

This year marks a turning point in cancer, as long-sought efforts to unleash the immune system against tumors are paying off—even if the future remains a question mark

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The Banking Executive

After more than half a decade, Latvian scientists were finally able to hit huge success as they accomplished a break-through in cancer treatment through Virotherapy techniques rather than Chemotherapy; a success which will definitely have its big trace in history as Rivgir (the first ans so far the only) will change cancer treatment methods worldwide.

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