International Virotherapy Center

The International Virotherapy Center was established by Aina Muceniece and leading Latvian oncologists, immunologists and scientists in 2008. Since then the IVC has helped thousands of patients from over 50 countries to receive virotherapy.

The mission of the International Virotherapy Center (IVC) is to provide virotherapy for each patient who wants it.

Main tasks of the International Virotherapy Center:

  • coordination of treatment for virotherapy patients

  • doctor training and certification in virotherapy

  • accreditation of clinics in the application of virotherapy

Information Center

If you’d like to find out more about the possibilities of virotherapy treatment, to find the closest virotherapy delivery location, to learn more about the treatment process or you’re interested in other kind of cooperating with us other related issues, please contact the Information Center. 
We will be glad to help you!

Contact us:

The authorised operating company

Ltd State of Well (Reg.Nr. 40203172199), Director – Dmitrijs Kalniņš-Bergs on a base of Licence and Cooperation Agreement (No. IVC-SW-02.01.2019), signed January 2nd, 2019 partially takes rights and obligations for a specified period to:

  • develop cancer virotherapy-based medical tourism, based on accredited physicians and authorized clinics;

  • participates in medical tourism exhibitions and integrative medicine conferences;

  • organize training for the use of Rigvir in collaboration with the International Association of Virotherapy of virotherapy training process;

  • manage authorization processes of integrative clinics;

  • coordinate clinics interested in virotherapy;

  • ensure virotherapy availability for clinics.

From the particular moment of signing Agreement Ltd State of Well is legally responsible for the content of the website

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