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A New Era in Cancer Treatment

Welcome to our homepage, where everyone can get an idea of cancer virotherapy and a unique live virus containing anticancer medicine Rigvir – a treatment, which uses biotechnology to convert viruses into therapeutic agents to treat diseases.

Rigvir is a drug that contains live, not genetically modified, not pathogenic virus, which has cytolytic (finding and destroying cancer cells) and immunomodulating effects. Rigvir is the first not genetically modified virus in the world that has been registered and introduced into the clinical practice of oncologists and which is used in virotherapy (virus therapy). Because of its structure, Rigvir selectively affects cells in sensitive tumors without affecting the normal tissue cells. Moreover, the Rigivir virus is not able to replicate in human body.

Rigvir development concept and mission is the availability of this unique cancer therapy across the borders – to help every person in the world regardless of the place, nationality, or religion.

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Aina Muceniece (23.03.1924.-14.02.2010.)

  • The inventor of Rigvir
  • Honourable Member of Latvian Academy of Sciences (1992)
  • Emeritus Scientist for the problems of immunology, oncology, and virology
  • Cross of Recognition for special services for the benefit of Latvia (2005)

“...To treat cancer with a virus is a fantastic idea which occurred in the beginning of the last century. Before the World War I, cancer was already treated with the rabies virus vaccine and other viruses. I managed to find a virus which is not dangerous for a man. This virus can be found in intestines of healthy children. Unlike the chemotherapy and the radiation therapy, this medicine does not leave such serious consequences in patient's organs. The world began to speak in the beginning of the '90s about what I have discovered in the '70s. While reading conclusions drawn by Japanese and American scientists, I had a feeling that I am going through my own book...”

Professor, Dr. habil. chem. Ivars Kalvins

  • European Academy of Sciencies and Arts (Salzburg),
  • Member of Latvian Academy of Sciences,
  • Author of Mildronate and Leakadine medicines,
  • Author of 650 publications and 215 patents,
  • Director of Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis:,
  • Certificate and Golden Medal of World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) for long-term and highly productive work as an inventor.

“…Cancer virotherapy is one of the most promising modern cancer therapy methods. Therefore, the leading countries in the development of pharmaceutical products have largely involved in virological researches with the aim of finding the most effective and safest viruses with the ability to selectively destroy malignant cells. Nobody doubts any more that viruses are able to do it. Just like nobody doubts any more that Latvia through Rigvir has become the leader and, at the same time, the pioneer in virotherapy. The only question is – how much time will it take until some other viral anticancer medicines will join Rigvir. Clearer and stronger with every day, virotherapy is claimed around the world as one of the firm primary therapy types, that can be more effective, safer, and patient-caring than the cancer treatment methods known until now. I will do everything that depends on me in order to develop virotherapy and help many cancer patients around the world, who have deserved such humane and effective treatment long ago…”

Ojars Sparitis, Dr.

  • President of Latvian Academy of Sciences

"It is one of the most unique Latvian scientific discoveries, which is highly valued in the world. This medicine is indicated for treatment of a very aggressive form of cancer –melanoma, after entering the human body this medicine effectively destroys cancer cells, while not harming healthy cells. The negative effects of traditional chemotherapy or radiation, as we all know, can be very destructive, as along with unhealthy cells, they destroys healthy cells as well. Virotherapy method does not have such side effects."

Ingrida Circene

  • Former Health Minister of the Republic of Latvia

"...Today we can be proud that Rigvir is not only our success story, but at the same time it is a real help and hope for cancer patients not only in Latvia, but all around the world..."

"...In the sixties of the last century, Latvian scientists proved the ability of viruses to fight malignant tumours by adapting a specific virus that was named Rigvir (Riga virus) to melanoma tissues. In the next decades, scientists worked actively to prove effectiveness of the virus in various preclinical and clinical trials both in Latvia and in the rest of the world. In 2004, Rigvir was registered as a cancer-treating medicine and in 2005 the Latvian Academy of Sciences acknowledged Rigvir as one of the greatest inventions in Latvia..."

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After more than half a decade, Latvian scientists were finally able to hit huge success as they accomplished a break-through in cancer treatment through Virotherapy techniques rather than Chemotherapy; a success which will definitely have its big trace in history as Rivgir (the first ans so far the only) will change cancer treatment methods worldwide.

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The story of the beautiful and unique Latvia.
The story of nature, culture, medicine, and Latvian achievements.
The story of Rigvir – one of the greatest medical achievements of Latvia.

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